The Doghouse TW11 Vintage Microphone

27 Inch iMac running Logic X

Apogee Quartet Interface.

Plug ins galore

Heybrook HB2 Monitors

Lindell Audio Amp X Class A Monitor AMP

1976 Studer Broadcast Console with Mic Pre’s and Super Warm EQ

Vintage Neumann U87 Mic

Vintage Rode NTK Mic with Valve Pre Amp

2x Shure SM81 Condensor Mics

3x Shure SM58 Mic

Shure SM57 Mic

Shure SM91 Kick Drum Mic

Roland Digital Upright Piano

1955 Ludwig Super Classic Drumkit

Full set of Zildjian Cymbals

Analogue Outfitters Sarge Guitar Head and Cab

Several Acoustic / Slide and Dobro Guitars

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